Since the times of its establishment in 1882, the Pirates have a shelf decorated with more than 9 East division titles and 5 World series titles. These could never have been achieved without the host of amazing baller that have put worn the teams uniform in time past. We have put together a list of all time top ballers who have ever played for the Pirates since its establishment. Cheers!

#10 – Andy Van Slyke

Andy as a pirate was a center fielder and proved himself of great skill and value to the team in his position. He joined the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1987 with the team being his second team during his active career as a baseball player. He has shown himself of great competenve in his career by the several award he has to his name in the world of baseball. He is named All-Star for three consecutive times, he also has five Gold Glove Awards to his name, not to talk of his being a two-time reciepoent of the Slugger Awards.

#9 – Paul Waner

“Big Poison” as fondly called had the Pittsburgh Pirates as his first team where he played the position of a right fielder. He won three National Leagues as well as received the award of National League most Valuable player in 1927 when he was with the Pittsburg Pirates. He was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1952.

#8 – Bill Mazeroski

“Maz” as fondly called is regarded as one of the second baseman of all times. He spent his entire playing career with the Pittsburgh Pirates which rounds up to seventeen years in total. While he was in his active playing years, he won two World Series Championship as well as named All-Star ten times. These shows his how good he is at what he did. In 2001, he was elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

#7 – Pie Traynor

Pie is regarded as the greatest third baseman in the history of Major League Baseball after the second world war. He played his entire 17-year career at the Pittsburgh Pirates where he also became a coach in 1934. He won the All-Star two times as well as was a World Series Champion in 1925. He was inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame in 1948.

#6 – Dave Parker

“The Cobra” was his nickname during his time. He was the first professional athlete to earn an average of one million dollars per year. He is known as a strong defensive outfielder during his days with a strong arm. He won three Gold Glove Awards in his youth. He aon the 1978 Major League’s Most Valuable Player as well as has some other great achievements to his account. He was named All-Star for seven times, won the World Series Championship twice as well as won the Silver Slugger Awards three times. He also won the National League Battling Championship.

#5 – Ralph Kiner

He is also a name to reckon with in the Major League Baseball. He spent 10 seasons in active professional play in his career and was hindered from continuing due to serious injuries he had. He however, as an outfielder was an exceptional player as well which resulted in his being named as an All-Star for six times. Also, he was seven times National League Home Run Leader.

#4 – Barry Bonds

Barry, an exceptional.baseball player for the Pirates during his time, was known with his position as a left fielder. He played 22 season in the major League baseball, part of which was during his time with the Pittsburgh Pirates. He is regarded to be one of the greatest baseball players of all time due to his distinctive talents and exceptional skills displayed in his play. Little wonder, he has numerous accolades and mind-blowing achievements to his name. He is a fourteen-time recipient of the All-Star Awardsas well as eight-time Gold Glove Award Winner. He won the Silver Slugger Award for 12 good times and also got the Hank Aaron Award three times while having aced many others as well.

#3 – Willie Stargell

Willie played his entire 20-year Major League Baseball career for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He played as the left fielder as well as first baseman. “Pops” as he was fondly called also was named an All-Star for seven times. He is also a two-time winner of the World Series Championship as well as a National League and World Series Most Valuable Player. He was inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame in 1988.

#2 – Honus Wagner

The German record-breaker is historically known as “The Flying Dutchman”. This is due to his speed and swiftness he unleashes when he plays. He has set a National League title record of winning eight battling title in 1911 which has been unbroken since then although matched once by Tony Gwynn in 1997. Several accolades and achievements surround his name in the history of baseball playing especially during his time the Pittsburgh Pirates where he spent almost the entirety of his career. He is a World Series Champion, an eight time National League Battling Champion, five time National League Stolen base Leader.

#1 – Roberto Clemente

Roberto is the first latin American and Carribean to be inducted into the Major League Hall of Fame. He is an excellent right fielder who displayed distinction and mastery of his position of play. He has won numerous awards, accolades and achievements to his name of which is being named as an All-Star for a mind-blowing fifteen times, also, he is a two-time World Series Champion. He also got the Gold Glove Awards twelve times. He played eighteen seasons at the Pittsburgh Pirates after which he was inducted into the Major League Hall of Fame in 1973.